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Partners family - am I in the wrong?

I am 31 weeks pregnant and starting to get really anxious about what's going to happen after our baby is born, my partners family arent the easiest to get along with and I have always tried to be involved with them.

i really don't get on with his sister due to relationship problems between me and my partner but she acts like it's all my fault and that I'm really controlling instead of accepting her brother has a mind of his own!

she hasn't been involved in the pregnancy at all and has continued to be nasty throughout and I'm worried about how she will be once the baby is here, i understand she is family but I'm also very protective of my baby and don't really trust her Or how she will be with me when the baby is there.

it doesn't help that my partner doesn't like conflict so won't stand up to her but that's a separate issue 😂

Am I being unreasonable and panicking over nothing?? 

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