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Love at first sight? 😍

Hi everyone, I'm new here and need to talk to someone before I go crazy! I can't talk to any of my friends as they wouldn't understand!

I recently took my children to a new play area and by chance got chatting to one of the dads there, I don't know what it is but I felt like I knew him (I don't) and for whatever reason I literally can't get him off my mind. Its not a sexual feeling...I'm not lusting after him I just feel like I know him and could talk to him for hours. I guess I just needed to tell someone before I lose my mind but also to get people's thoughts on love at first sight/soulmates etc 



  • wait are you still with your childrens father
  • I do believe in soulmates, but more realistically its probably more likely that you are craving company rather than you have met your soulmate.there is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone but personally i would have a look at your life and consider why you may have these feelings. Did you wnjoy the chat? Are you normally listened too? Etc. Try not to over think it as it will end up dominating your thoughts and look at how your life could be more fullfilled.if your single and he was single and you swapped details great but if not try not to dwell as it will drive you mad!
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