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Pregnant with 1st child, partners 2nd, is he interested?

Hey guys I am 22 weeks pregnant with my 1st child, this will be my partners 2nd, he already has a 9 year old son. He's never been one to show much emotion or excitement etc. But he seems happy we are expecting a little girl but I just want more from him, more effort, more involvement in my pregnancy. I feel like im on my own in this. He says he loves me etc but I dont feel very close to him at all and part of me wants to be alone so i can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy



  • Men aren't like us. We worry about the baby,think about what it looks like. All they care about is that we're ok..

    I felt the same with my husband, was worried but he is the best, must caring dad To our little girl x

  • Thank you so much for your reply. That has made me feel alot better already :) x

  • My other half found my pregnancy difficult until he could see my belly growing and baby kicking and it all became real! im 33 weeks now and it's only the last few weeks he has started to refer to himself as 'daddy' when talking about the baby.

    First few months I lost count of the amount of times he asked if I wanted to go to festivals, gigs etc all when I am due 🙄

    Just give him a bit of time 😊

  • I felt the same as you. i have a 13 to step daughter. my little boy is starting nursery and my husband still treats them differently

    ...breaks me. he says it is cuz he is a boy and she is a girl. she sleeps wuth the light on and shared a bed with us until she was 11. however our boy is put to bed lights off door closed and even if he is ill to share a bed with us is the end of the world to my husband .i want another child and he says no cuz he has 2 and they have each other. they dont my little boy needs someone else. 

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