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Is she flirting with me?

So for the first time in my life I'm finding there to be some chemist between me and a woman, it's someone I work with and she is a lot older than me (about 16 years older). The problem is I don't know if it's in my head or if it's actually happening. She is in a position of authority over me but she sometimes speaks to me on a much friendlier level than any of my other coworkers and she can be quite touchy feely, just like a tap on the hand or arm. We were texting the other day about work but I thought she came across quite flirty, I'm super confused. I'm married to a.mam and with a 4 year old so this is really not an ideal situation, but I just feel drawn to her. I want to know if she is flirting or not so I can get my head clear but the whole is she or isn't she is driving me mad. Not really sure what I'm asking but does anyone have any advice ? Thanks 


  • What kind of texts has she sent? It's really hard to say, but if it were a guy and the same thing were happening, what would you do? Are you in a happy marriage? Just be really careful, as if she's your superior at work, you really don't want to 'shit where you eat' as my dad once said to me! 

    If i were you, and you are happily married, don't risk anything! 

  • Nothing sexual but a lot of joking around with me, she's not my direct manager but she manages a department I used to work for which is why I speak to her and my old colleagues have said they don't chat with her like that. I work in a different department now but I often see her at work. Ah I know, I've been in this situation a long time ago in an old job before I was married and had my son, got into a bad situation with my boss but luckily got out of that. I'm not unhappily married, but we go through spells of really not getting along and then we do get along. I wouldn't want to do anything but at the same time I'm curious, I feel drawn to her. I guess I just want to know why I'm feeling this way, wondering if I've maybe made it bigger than it is or if she feels something too. I don't think she's a lesbian, but I know she's single. It's a bit wishy washy I suppose but I have felt this way for a few months on and off, I first felt this way in May and then i talked myself out of it all telling myself it was obvs just a girl crush and recently after texting and her little nudges she gives me the feelings have come back. It's confusing. 

  • Oh I forgot to add, if it was a guy I'd probably be a bit more wary of the situation, I guess because this is a woman and I've never had these types of feelings for a woman it's just made me curious. 

  • seems risky and you are married with a child do you really want to lose it for a possible relationship
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