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Arguments with in laws

my husband and I are due our 1st baby in 11 weeks. 

my in laws hate the fact that we have a cat. They are not cat people and last Week my mother in law started a fight with my husband about our cat saying it would be unsafe for the baby etc. 

we have had our cat for 6 years and not once has she ever harmed or hurt anyone. we also have no intentions of leaving the baby alone with the cat or letting the cat into the babies bedroom etc.

our babies safety is the most important thing to us and during the argument my mother in law said some very hurtful things to my husband like; you care more about your cat, I doubt you can take care of my grandchild properly and eventually she told him to get out of her house and she wants nothing to do with our baby. 

It was a fight that completely escalated and even typing it out I can hardly believe myself what she said. 

My mother in law has made my pregnancy difficult, often judging decisions I have made, criticizing names that I like or the fact that I want to breastfeed. She’s made comments about my weight even though my midwifes have been thrilled with my weight at every appointment. She constantly tells me I look tired and run down and I should start taking iron, despite my midwifes advice not to take iron supplements as my iron levels are fine. I have not enjoyed my pregnancy as much as I would have liked to. As I’m a quiet person I think she believes she can speak to me this way. And I’ll admit I have always been one to bite my tongue for the sake of an easy life. 

We live in a flat attached to my in laws house and even though I was not present for the argument my in laws have blanked and ignored me since it happened. 

We are due to move out of my in laws flat before the baby arrives, although if our house is not ready I’m afraid we’ll be here a bit longer. 

I haven’t been sleeping well since, I constantly feel hurt and upset that this has happened and I have no idea how to fix any of this.

my husband Is incredibly caring and I know he feels responsible for how I‘m feeling even though his mother started this whole thing. 

My in laws were so excited about our little boy and I just don’t understand how this has all occurred over our pet. It completely baffles me and I feel so helpless, any advice is very much welcomed. Sorry this is so long! 

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