Should I leave him?

I been with my boyfriend about 4 months. But was with him for 3 years a few years ago. He has a 2 year old son to a previous relationship which he has during the week and goes to the mother's on the weekend. 

We argue a lot about anything. He always makes me to be the bad person. Says I moan a lot and I am always in moods. That I don't put enough effort in when it comes to sex. I do a lot for him I pay for his car insurance coz he can't afford it as he can't work because he has his son due to certine circumstances. I payed for his car tax. I put desiel in all the time. I look after his son when he's busy doing something. I treat his son like my own. I cook for my bf and make drinks. I do washing for him when he stays at mine on a I do a lot for my financialy and in other ways and is always having a go at me what do i do 


  • He is also not loving and dosent give me much attention. He thinks more about his cock than anything 

  • Hard to know what to say especially not knowing ye in person. But girl you deserve better. If your questioning it do it :) make yourself happy and find a man that will take care of you and not just use you. I have man problem too but nearly 6 years together with 2 kids. Believe me im very close to walking away from everything we have been threw. You shouldnt be made feel like crap.. sit down and look at what you want in life and then does he fit in? You come first x

  • Thanks it's a hard desision because his son is so close to me but I need to be happy. 

  • Very very hard choice. Esp whe  little ones invovled. Happiness is key. Hope things work out for you. Just remind yourself you need to be happy and deserve the very best :) 

  • You should ask yourself "what does he actually bring to you regarding your relationship?" Seems like you're holding each other together and he's not appreciating you at all. You deserve better and you should tell him so :) 

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