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Help?! Is my child in the wrong, so conflicted

So we went out today with a friend to a local park, my DS is 3y/o and friends DD is 4y/o they generally get along quite well, however today my friend ended up having a huge go at me about my parenting/my son. 

Her DD basically just wanted to play at the digging/sand toy area the whole time and would crack it everytime DS left, and apparently I "should have made him stay put because he shouldn't be off playing with other kids, equipment,  it was our play date etc".

He did play there for a very long time initially, but for god sakes it's a park?! They're supposed to be running around from thing to thing. DS and another child even went over to try and get her to come play,  which was only met with a tantrum, running and crying to mum and the cycle repeats. 

I brushed off the comments she made, didn't respond and made DS play there for the 10 minutes we stayed after. 

I've now recieved a text from her asking for an apology?! I don't even know what to do, I already feel like I did my son a huge disservice by not standing up to her, but then again I don't want to lose the friendship


  • Absolutely your son and you did nothing wrong and your friend is being unreasonable! You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I would reply and say that you understand that her daughter was upset and how that must’ve made her feel as a Mum but that your little boy did spend time playing with her and cannot be expected to spend the whole time doing something he didn’t want to do (staying in the sand pit) in the same way that you wouldn’t expect her daughter to leave the sandpit and go play with your son if she didn’t want to. 

    perhaps Suggest another Playdate again soon to show her that you don’t want today’s play date not going to plan to stop further meet ups. Kids are kids and it’s only natural that they will want to do their own things. Sounds like perhaps there is something more going on for your friend that made her react that way... either that or she has a pretty unrealistic idea of  childhood development / behavior 

  • He did nothing wrong. They're not joined at the hip. Would explain to your friend you don't believe your son done anything wrong. If she's still upset then I wouldn't really say she is a friend worth keeping. Good luck. X 

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