best advice for a first time mum struggling with her feelings.

hey everyone, I'm just looking for some advice or anyone to make me feel like i am still sane. 

we found out that i was expecting a baby at 4 weeks everything was great, until recently iv really been feeling like iv been pushed aside by everyone but mainly my boyfriend. I am struggling to get across to him that we need time together for us too as i am working full time ( shifts ) and he works 8-4 mon to friday. 

I'm feeling so left out and alone, he's always doing stuff like going out with his mates, playing football and watching football whilst it feels like all i do is work clean and sleep. I tell him how i feel but he just seems to think I'm just getting at him for " going out" . 

He always thinks I'm getting at him for stuff when really I'm just feeling so pushed aside like me and the baby don't care. He doesn't let me suggest baby names as he thinks I'm rushing things, he thinks it stupid that i ask him to speak to the baby and finally he just doesn't seem to understand how hard it is to work shifts and be pregnant and just calls me Lazy. 

i feel like I'm loosing the will to live.. all i want is to spend a little time together to feel less alone and to be able to speak about the baby but it seems impossible. 

has anyone else felt like this or can pls can you give me the best advice because i don't feel good enough to be with my boyfriend and even more so good enough to be a mum to my baby. 

thanks x 


  • Have you tried to have a serious conversation with him telling him exactly how you feel? No code speak, just how you feel, why you feel it and what you are wanting. I'm so sorry this is happening so early on for you. I'd love to tell you men get better, but I'm married with a 9 month old and my hubby is forever busy doing things. I don't think they will ever understand but you can at least try. Try to surround yourself with others who will help support you on your journey :) 

  • Share your feelings with him in a serious manner. Don't be in too much hurry. Maybe because of your pregnancy you are taking things too seriously. 

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