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Looking for some advise please. Older children and ex.

So I have two older children with my exhusband - we ended on pretty bad terms and still talk just about the children due to the fact he can’t (or won’t pay CSA) he has a Good amount of contact. He has a partner and she has a child. 

Anyway - I’m expecting a baby with my new SO, and initally I asked the girls not to tell him for 3 reasons- 1st I told them before I was 12 weeks and I wanted to make sure my screening tests were all ok. 2nd I don’t think it’s any of his busy and cant see why he would want To know.  And finally I felt if he was to know it should come from me. 

Im now 23 weeks and I still havent seen him face to face to tell him but my eldest really wants me to do it. I don’t know if she is waiting for her chance to use it to get sympathy off him or she just doesn’t want to risk slipping up.

But I really don’t know how I would go about it given that we aren’t on great terms atm and I have no reason to bring it up other than my youngest has offered to stay with me over Easter half term to help as I will have had a c-section - so she would see her dad less For a few weeks (she is really excited and want to be involved)  

should I just rest and say please don’t make any plans over Easter as she has offered to help me after my .... c-section/ operation. 

o Really just need some perspective .... 

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