Partner left me! I’m pregnant and have a toddler

my partner left me 6 weeks ago. Out of the blue. i Don’t get along with his family and they have put the icing on the cake. They hated seeing us happy! he has blocked all contact Deleted me from absolutely everything. He’s chatting up girls , has no interest in our child he rather be with his mates. I am pregnant and I am finding it very difficult to deal with I honestly feel broken no words can even describe how I feel. I try to be strong when people ask me if am when I’m really not! hes turned out so horrible trying to sell our house he says he’s fallen out of love with me I feel devestated. I had a threaten miscarrige he left me to deal with it all alone in hosptal he was away out having a drink with his friends and taking drugs whilst I was in hospital sobbing because I wanted him to be there for me. He didn’t want to come to my scan! I’ve found out the gender and he isn’t even interested to about the baby he can’t even text and ask what sex the baby is! I really don’t know what to do I feel so low


  • Hey, I hope things get better for you. I think it’s best if you block him out your life completely.I know it’ll be hard and it won’t be easy. But one day you’ll wake up and you’ll laugh at him! 

    Once your happy again on Your own or you find someone new. That’s when he’ll be back but make sure you kick him right out because a man that doesn’t even care about his children is just a waste. 

    Good luck xx

  • Hope your doing ok and feeling a little better?

    A man like that is no man at all and you and your children really are better off without him. It'll be hard and you have every right to be hurt and upset but your energy is better spent on keeping healthy and looking after yourself. Go to citizens advice and get their help on what to do about him trying to sell the house and getting him to pay his way through the csa etc. As hard as it is try and be the bigger person, your children will thank you in the future, if you let him have access etc and he chooses not to use it then they will know you did your best and he is a waste of space. 

    You will be ok and you can do this x

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