Massive fall out with my mother

Hi everyone. I'm feeling rather sorry for myself at present. A little background on me - mother of 1 18 month old and 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.

I recently had a big fall out with my mother -  when it came to light that her husband is a convicted paedophile and she has been hiding this from me for some time. Now that the truth is out she says he didn't do anything and it is all as result of a jealous ex wife getting back at him for having an affair. Which I think is a load of rubbish.

My mother is a weak character and I believe she will do anything to stay with this man as he makes her life easier and dotes on her. My whole opinion on my mother has changed massively since I found this out and we had a huge argument in which I called her some terrible names and said I didn't want anything to do with her ever again. I since regretted this and tried to put things right with her as it was getting too much for me us not speaking at all. She hasn't responded and I don't think she will. When ever we have argued in the past it is me that has to grouvel back to her.

Now my issue is she was very close to my son and she hasn't seen him in 3 months and my baby is due soon and she won't be meeting him. I feel sad about this and it's breaking my heart. I don't have any help or support from any of my family or any of my fiances family. (My mother in law isn't keen on babysitting or anything). I feel very down and isolated and sorry for myself. Me and my fiance have an otherwise happy life and relationship and I wish I could just move on and forget about my mother but I'm finding it very hard. 

Anyone have no contact with their parents and how do you cope? And is it for the best?

Thanks for reading. 


  • I'm very sorry to hear this.. My partner and me going through a rough time with his parents as there alcoholic.. Its a hard situation. As they were in my sons 2.2years life but barely my daughter 1..we cut contact with them as there very bad influence and have said nasty things about me and my daughter. They keep showing up to my parents house where I live and we've told them to leave. I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant and terrified of them finding out. I feel you should do what is right by you and your kids. That's if leaving her in with rules or cutting her out. I know it's very hard and upsetting :( if I see his parents I walk away my kids won't know them as nana or grandad.

    Tbh it's up to you and your partner only to make the decision. If you want to talk let me know xx

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