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Bullying husband

Hi all this is my first time to post on this site. I am in a very unhappy situation I am married 3 years and have a teenager from a previous relationship and a 16 month old with my husband. Since my pregnancy my husband has been very mean to me. Moody and blames me for everything he has no interest in me intimately and he was so complimentary and kind when we first got together. I walk around all day trying to appease him. And is constantly picking on my teenage son. I am weary. Since I married him I have no car no money and my once free spirited self is gone. I can't leave as I have no where to go. And I love him. It's like I wake up and never know what the day will bring. 
I would really appreciate some advice. 
Thank you 


  • Hi,

    Firstly I am sorry you are going through such a hard time and I know words can not make it better but honestly everything gets better in the end.

    Now I just want to say that you can always leave. Its not always easy but it can always be done. I left a 10 year marriage with nothing, i had to sleep on a sofa and go to court to fight for my kids. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life but I did it and nearly 6 years down the line I have no regrets. Womans aid are always supportive and offer advice, you dont have to feel abused to use their services but they will listen without judgement and if you did choose to leave would give you some options.

    Now I am not telling you to leave as you state that you lobe him and in all honesty I dont think you want to leave you just want him to be happy and you to be happy. All I can suggest is try talking to him, explain how you feel and maybe work out some ways you can work together to make things work. Sometimes becoming a dad is hard and maybe he has struggled with it. Its also very difficult as a step parent to get the balance right. Communication is key.

    Try to find some local groups for yourself and baby to attend to get you out the house and break up the day. A change of place can make you feel so much better. Sure start centres have lots of free activities and lots of churches run toddler groups for £1 

    If after trying your hardest you cant work things out then take some time to consider if you want to leave. Life is too short to be unhappy and you need to decide if this is just a rough patch or how the rest of your life will be. 

    Always here to chat! 
  • Hun u shouldent be feeling this way please dont feel alone i left my partner pregnant 2 years ago i had no money no food no place to stay i went to the council told them my situation that it was a relationship breakdown and how he was horrible to me dont let him bully u and ur son it makes a big impact on u and ur child its not fair on any of u there is help out there u either stay or live like it and may get even worse or u think right go be happy no more stress make a good life for u abd ur child u will miss him but will see ur not misserable no more bullying is to u and ur son is still domestic vilonce hun if u need anything im here also xx
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