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Struggles with partner going out

hello everyone - my first time post. 

I don’t really see a lot on this so wondering if its just me. My partner likes to go out a lot at the weekend - sometimes drinking and sometimes not. We both work during the week so we barley have time to see eachotjer (we don’t live together as of yet). I feel resentful that he will choose to go out rather than spending time with me. I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t every weekend however I feel like it is most weekends. I have tried to get this point across to him but he just seems to not understand. I was wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing or has? And how they managed to solve it or get past it. 

Im not wanting him to sit with me every weekend - I don’t want his life to just stop and I want him to maybe get it out his system but I feel as if am talking to a brick wall and sometimes get made to feel controlling or crazy. 


  • I can understand why it gets to you that your partner is always out. It would get to me too. Personally i have not experiences this but to be honest i would not be happy in a relationship like that and would probably move on as hard as that would be as it would just not work for me.

    however i do know lots of couples where one or both of them go out alot and they are happy. They both have their own friends and social circles and it works. Maybe you could plan some things for yourself at weekends with friends or family. Nagging him less may mean that he feels less harassed and wants to spend more tome with you.

    i hope you can work things out
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