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My husband wont have sex with me

My husband and I have been together for 3 years.  Together we have 3 children and now surprisingly we are working on number 4. We have always been very sexually active together and I don't think we have ever gone longer than a week without making love. 
With this pregnancy though, I am incredibly high risk.  I wasn't supposed to even be able to get pregnant and now that I'm 32 weeks, they are talking about doing an emergency  C-section next week due to my stress and blood pressure. I have been we have been trying to work on my stress levels and I feel better about what's going on but now my husband and I aren't having sex anymore.  In fact, he has been sleeping on the couch a lot as well whenever I come to bed. It's not that we aren't intimate together.  He will do things and get me turned on the whole day while telling me "wait until later". I'll do things to him as well in reciprocation. However, when "later" comes, he passes out before I get the kids to bed and leaves me to take care of myself. He then does the same thing the next day and the next until I get snippy at him and tell him not to touch me.  Then we go about 3-4 days where he won't try anything and then back to him playing with me again only to leave me high and dry. It is so frustrating and it makes me want to curl up in a ball and just cry. This has been going on for about a month or 2 and I can't take it anymore. Why does he keep doing this? What am I doing wrong? At this point I'm more stressed about this than anything else. 


  • I think communication is key here. Maybe he has good intentions and by the end of the day is actually just tired. Maybe he also worries about the pregnancy and how being intimate affects that. I would talk to him and explain how you are feeling, maybe he is getting mixed messages too! 
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