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Low Sperm Count- Unprotected sex


i am really curious for advice on this topic. I’ve been with this guy for several months and last night we decided to have unprotected sex. I recently stopped taking my birth control at the beginning of the month due to trying to get insurance matters right in order to get my refill for less than $500! I just recently had my 2nd cycle this month from it. Like yesterday. Long story short, he came in me!!! 🤡😡 he just did not pull out! I panicked right off rip and said, WE NEED TO GET A PLAN B! He said I can’t get pregnant. His sperm count is low and he’d have to go to a specialist to have kids. 

I don’t trust that because like what are the chances?! I might be the person to actually prove him wrong & get pregnant. It’ll just be my luck that something like that happens. He said he hasn’t had sex in a good minute and I could tell honestly. But what is your advice? Just ignore him and get a plan b to be on the safe side?! I AM NOT HAVING A CHILD RIGHT NOW! & the fact that he randomly did that without permission makes me look at him different. 


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