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Just looking for a little bit of understanding from other woman going through the same thing as myself.

My husband and I were so In love before we had our daughter and it’s not to say that our daughter is to blame but I have just noticed lots of changes with him towards me.

For example:

Before I got pregnant we were Inseparable, he used to pick me up from work every evening, take me shopping, take me out to eat, always think about me and give me sweet little phone calls when we weren’t together, then I got pregnant and we were still the same, but it was only until after I had my daughter that he’s completely changed towards me.

When we argue and he does not come home or call me and message me for days and when he does decide to contact me the texts are full of horrible negative abuse and swearing. He also uses my daughter as a weapon against me because i honestly won’t retaliate as I believe that I must be happy so that my daughter doesn’t have any bad energy around her. So I just block his number for a few days until he calms down.

I don’t feel like this is healthy for my daughter to be around or myself.

Please let me know if you are in a similar situation and if you are how are you dealing?

Many thanks ladies xxx


  • Hi.
    I am not in the same situation as you but I did want to comment. I am sorry you are going through this and in all honesty I can not tell you why. They say babies make or break a relationship. Maybe your partner is not coping well with becoming a dad. Some men struggle with sharing you with your child. My advice is to talk to him and talk it through. You cant go on with him just leaving for days. Its not healthy for you or your little one. You are doing very well not to retaliate but you also dont want your child to grow up thinking people can treat you how they want and you wont react. I want to tell you that it is not right for him to treat you this way. It can be very easy to make excuses for people especially when you love them but that does not make their behaviour right. I know how hard it is to end a relationship and I am not telling you to do that as only you know what you want but its ok to not be happy and go your separate ways sometimes that makes you better parents. I hope you manage to sort things out and I am always happy to chat. 
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