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Baby daddy’s family drama!!

So, we found out we were pregnant almost 2 months ago. His family did not take it well and said it was as big of a mistake as him marrying some crazy woman when he was 21 (he’s 28 now). Needless to say, I cried the whole time we told them our “amazing” news. 
Flash forward to now. We had a baby gender reveal party planned... the whole shabang. I unfortunately had a school issue & they scheduled continuing Ed class on the Sunday we were supposed to have it. So, here I am- upset about my school not cooperating and leaving me NO choice but to attend this class and having to cancel my reveal. His family is only thinking of themselves and is upset that we had to change it. They are selfish and demanding we change the day we do it (we’re just getting it over this weekend... just him and me and a photographer) because no
ones work and life schedules match up until mid November. I refuse to wait that long. They won’t be there, my parents won’t be there. Yet they continue to argue about us doing it differently. 
My and my boyfriends happiness apparently don’t matter to them over their own. I need advice about how to go about this type of family. Selfish and only thinking about how things will benefit their happiness, opinions about EVERYTHING, and trying to control our lives and the future of the baby. 
Oh, and we haven’t even told them we aren’t getting the baby baptized LOL. We aren’t religious and have no desire to force ourselves and our child into something. They will choose for themselves when they’re able. 
Side note- baby daddy is on my side completely on everything. Including saying fuck it and keeping the gender to ourselves because everyone else just sucks and gives their asshole opinions. 

Sos before I go hormonal and say the wrong stuff to his family. How should we go about it all.... 


  • Hi hun, sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Unfortunately in these situations not much you can do but stick to your choices and ignore the drama. Its really great that your partner is on your side as it would be much harder if he sided with his family. All i can say is it sounds like you and your partner are doing what makes you happy, and thats the right thing. Maybe have a baby shower in November for family and friends and you and your partner find out in between. It will still be a great surprise for family but then you are not waiting for the news
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