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Am I being unreasonable?

Posting on behalf of a colleague to hopefully encourage her she is not wrong.

I am a nurse that works 12.5hr busy night shifts.
I have to work them split due to having young children.
I always have to get up with the kids no matter if am on shift that night while my husband lies in bed.
Then when I come home I have been awake for at the very least 25hrs and my husband is always still in his bed, the house is always freezing and I have nowhere to go to sleep so I just have to sit and wait for him to get up.
I once woke him and asked nicely if he can let me go to bed and it caused an argument so I don’t ever dare do that now.
Am I being terrible just desperately wanting to get home to bed.
He has said that he doesn’t have to get up for me and that it’s his choice how long he sleeps for.


  • Wow I feel so sorry for your friend. She works probably one of the hardest jobs there is, has to also be a mother to her children and deal with a husband that's a selfish ****. Sorry might sound mean but she needs to tell him sort himself out or she's throwing him the hell out. She's juggling working a demanding job to provide for her family, being a mother and by the sounds of it a carer for her husband. Her children gonna grow up and think that what a man dose and a woman ment to do all the work. This is a terrible situation for not only her but also her children. I hope your friend is OK and I hope she has the strength to ether put him in line or throw him out, this isn't right and she shouldn't be living like that xx
  • I'm sorry to be so blunt about your friend but she needs to tell him, how dare he treat her like that! He needs to get his last was out of bed and let the poor woman rest! God having kids is hard enough without trying to juggle a demanding job, running a house and being utterly exhausted. The man needs a good shake up ! I have two children and I'm a full time teacher with a husband who works shifts we both work together and I'm still that knackered sometimes I think aw balls to having a shower I'm to exhausted after work and the kids and my husband is great. This fella needs to pull his weight or jog on! The poor woman! Sorry but that has really riled me up that has! The sheer cheek of him! 
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