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Single mum, thirty and dating

The week where I realised It can't just be me! Can it?

I realised this week dating as a single mum in your thirty's is impossible! And don't get me started on COVID, I mean if it's not hard enough to find a man COVID has made it impossible. I mean there's tinder and plenty of fish, (how has my life came to this?) but it's not like I can just pop out to a bar and see who's out and single, there's the going out prep and babysitters to organise. So online dating it is! This week I started talking to a single guy not to far away from me, I thought okay give him a chance and boom, do you fancy a drink on Saturday, I thought great maybe this online dating isn't so bad! We exchanged numbers and started texting, all was going well, I had organised a babysitter to come to mine, planned the outfit, things were looking up! Then he hits out with I think your the one, (I mean I would love to find the "One" but how can someone know after a few texts?) we will need a big house and he had made the decision we were going to have as many children as it takes until we have a boy, bearing in mind I have only spoken to him for 2 days. I mean who am I to say no to putting a stop to someone starting a family, but as a mother to three girls, I feel I am destined for more, is this what my life is going to come to! Running around after a very large girl tribe! And this wasn't even the worst part! He had informed me that he wakes at 5 to go running every morning and when we live together I would be expected to wake at the same time, (do these people really exist?) The alarm bells were ringing and I thought I can't go on this date! The single life was starting to look good! Wish me luck for what next week holds for my dating life! #singlemumthirtyanddating


  • Very interesting story! I think 'keen' is spelled right out in this post! If you aren't comfortable no problem. Also no problem what age you are, it is still possible to be happy and find the one, remember that. 
  • I think you are totally right to trust your instincts. The guy could be lovely and just desperate to settle down. I got divorced when i was 30. I do have a new partner but he kind of just popped up. In all honesty if things dont work out id would stay single. I quite enjoyed the single parent lifestyle 😂 good luck with the next round
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