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My ex has taken my daughter from me - what can i do?

Lana21Lana21 New
edited Sep 6, 2020 7:45AM in Relationships
Can someone please please help me.For the last year I have suffered awful depression n mental health problems and was taking extra painkillers n drinking wine n lemonade as a way to cope ,my 4 year old daughter was never affected by this I was still functioning perfectly fine n my partner ( now ex) was aware of my problems n would buy me wine ( of course he didn’t make me drink it) I lost both parents suddenly within 11 months & my ex was not supportive n very cold when I was grieving,I was crying out for a hug or some support but he wasn’t interested ,he just wanted me to start taking part in 3somes etc n I felt I had to do it ( but never did) anyway my girl has been with me from day 1 all the time day in day out ,brill reports from nursery she was always fed clean etc etc n was never neglected etc..always so happy.I went into hospital 6 weeks ago for depression n she stayed with her dad now he’s refusing to give me her back n will only let me see her 2 hours a week supervised with my family member.I rang social services n have been told I have the same rights as him n that nothing on there system says my visit has to be supervised,yet he’s told me social services opened n closed the case in 24 hours on the understanding she stays with him.Even my CPN says I have the same rights and if I didn’t even send her back home he couldn’t do a thing but I don’t want to get into trouble.i rang SS a few times n they keep saying it’s a private matter now and to seek legal advice.I haven’t drank or abused painkillers for about 6 weeks now and I know I still have a long way to prove myself but can anyone help me? I can’t afford a solicitor at the moment n I want more than 2 hours a week and don’t want supervision but he will not let me see her without anyone there n won’t let it be longer than 2 hours.Please can someone advise me as its breaking my heart n I miss her so much xxx


  • @Lana21 firstly I’m really sorry you are having a difficult time!  I’m sorry for the loss of your parents. Everything must feel so daunting at the minute. 
    Unfortunately I don’t have any experience in this or much advice BUT If you look around, some solicitors use to do 30mins free sessions and could help/point you in the right direction.  Failing that, maybe try and seek them help from citizens advice Or somewhere similar.  Sorry I can’t help too much but don’t give up.  Your ex is probably doing what he thinks is best for his daughter and vice versa, I hope you manage to sort it out soon. 
  • Hello. I know you posted a couple weeks ago but I wanted to post just incase. If you were not allowed to see your child you would know about it. Your ex would have to go to court as would social services if they were concerned. You would be assessed and have chance go speak to them and also be offered help and support. I would suggest finding your local womans aid for advice and support. They will be able to help you. What your ex is doing in wrong. Citizens advice can also help with a free consultation with a solicitor. There is lots of help and support available. If your daughter is at school or nursery they can not stop you from collecting her without a court order. I went through a difficult separation with my ex so do send me a message if you want any help or support
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