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Preventing cheating

Hi, guys! Due to the pandemic, my husband is working from home now, but I am still in an office during the day. I have noticed a strange behavior of him. I mean, usually, he used to asked me about my day, give me hugs and kisses, and maybe more. Now he does not. He says he is tired of work and doing some home staff all day. But I know that his work is not so hard and it seems like he does not even clean a floor. I suppose he has someone else besides me. I was trying to talk with him about that. He said I am crazy. I want to install the security system to check it. Could you recommend any? I know my parents use Ajax to feel safe. Does it worth it or I am just too jealous?


  • I think that lockdown has been really tough on a lot of people. Work is often about the social side of things and if your partner has been working home a long time then maybe he is just fed up. He may not want to talk about hour work day because he has nothing much to talk about himself. Instead of worrying that he is cheating why not try and make the most of your time together. Get out and about at weekends for a walk or cook tea together in the evenings. Try and find a topic to talk about thats no work, could be tv, the garden, your home. See if that makes a difference. I do not advise spying because thing about how your partner would feel if he knew? Do you have any reason to believe he is cheating other than he is less welcoming when you get home?

    its not hard to clean but it is boring and lonely being home all day. Why not ask him how he is feeling? If he is fed ip working from home or if there is anything to do to help
  • Maybe he's just struggling with lockdown. Working from home is isolating and if he's not leaving the house he might not feel he has much to say. 

    If he's feeling very low mood wise, then any motivation for housework will go. I suggest talking to him, checking if he's okay. 

    Try doing something nice together, have a stay home date night. Put on nice clothes, cook something fancy and see how it goes. 
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