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Mother in law probs

Hi guys, 

im having some trouble with my mom in law. I gave birth 6 weeks ago and our apartment is not ready yet. So currently both my partner an I are living between the two family homes. 

My partner and I are engaged and love each other very much. However, my mom in law for some reason believes she has a right of ownership over my little boy. She says things like ‘oh poor baby your crying, your mom doesn’t know to give you your bottle unless you start crying’ ‘I’ll take him give him to me’ ‘I’ll feed him his bottle no need for you’. Recently I was in my partners family home and had organised with him that is go to our town and pick up a few things and go round to my families and I’d bring my little boy back with me and we would return back to his family he that afternoon. When I went to pack up my baby my MIL did not want him to leave, telling me she would mind him while I went. I politely said it was ok that I was going to bring him along with me. She again said no I’ll mind him there’s no need. I again replied no I’m going to bring him with me as I was going to visit family. She again said no that she was minding him. I had to get my partner to go and get my baby that I had given birth too so I could bring him with me. 

Why is she doing this? Am I over reacting or is she trying to take over my baby. How should I have dealt with this..? Please help!!


  • I know this am old post buy I have the same problem I just ignore her lol I don't take anything seriously 
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