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Hi all,

I just wanted to share with you that Charlotte is turning into a real copy cat with her speaking.

Jack's getting homework. He is learning to read and so we are practicing at home, saying sounds of letters and putting them together to make words. I was so focused on Jack I didn't notice at first, then i heard a quiet voice repeating what me and Jack was saying. If she continue's like this she'll be little miss chatterbox before her 2nd birthday.

I'm so pleased with her as it took ages for her to say mummy.

Zoe x


  • Ahhh Bless her.
    Thats so sweet.
    Did Jack think it was funny?
  • Thats really clever!
    Won't be long before she is chatting away.
  • Katelin is trying to say 'makka pakka' but it comes out as 'bugger bugger'.

    I dont think we will mention him when we are out and about, just in case!!!!
  • That's great, it's amazing how quick their speech can come on. Ethan didn't say mumma until 20 months then litterally over a weekend started on sentences!!

    There's no stopping her now!!!!
  • Hi girls,

    It's quite sweet really, since we noticed Charlotte copying Jack keeps saying "say.....Charlotte, can you say that?" Sometimes she tries it othertimes she ignores him but she is saying FiFi (the flowertot) which jack thinks he has taught her and is proud of that.

    I'm not wishing her to grow up quickly but i do think that if she learns to speak quickly it may take the frustration element away from some situations and put a stop to some of the tantrams she has.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Yep i agree too it's so much easier when a child can express their feelings. It also helped when Ethans understanding improved and we've been able to explain things to him, makes life much easier! x
  • Hi all,

    It seems that Charlotte is not just wanting to copy Jack at speaking but in other ways as well. I was on the telephone earlier this evening and Jack started to play up so i looked at him disappointedly and pointed at him to get upstairs. He gave me a dirty look with a bottom lip, pointed at me then stomped off upstairs. Five seconds later Charlotte copied him to a T even the bottom lip, I couldn't help but laugh. What is she like?!
  • Oh thats really cute Zoe! Do they get on in general? It sounds like charlotte certainly admires him?!!! xx
  • They do get on most of the time. She follows him everywhere which he doesn't always like so that's when there's a bit of argy bargy, but he does like to make her laugh so the front room often resembles a circus!! I love hearing them laugh, especially Jack it's such a dirty laugh and very contageous. They are very caring towards each other, giving hugs and kisses without being asked. I don't know how long it will go on for but it's nice while it lasts.
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