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Advice about school please before Monday / stressed pregnant


I have a five year old boy who is in reception at school. On Friday I picked him up to be told that an outside teacher said he was the rudest child he had ever come across. I was given no other words, explanation at all. The supply teacher talking to me was stand offish (mybe as I had told her older son off in the park for punching mine).

My son has never been told off at school before, comes home with good behaviour, well mannered and very helpful stickers and certificates. We also have no problems at home. I phoned the headmaster for more information but he was useless, the supply teacher also mentioned other teachers had noticed how rude he was, and the teaching assistant in the reception class had had enough of him. I have never ever been informed of any of this and am livid beyond belief. I think the statements she made are very strong with zero evidence or information to back it up.
I will be writing a letter to take in on Monday and be talking to his regular teacher.
I had an incline on Friday something was going to happen as the supply teacher was off with me again perhaps she didn't like me telling her son off. I haven't slept a wink and given my self a migraine worrying over this not good at 36 weeks pregnant.
What would other mums do? as I said complelty out of character and no previous problems.

Thnaks dani


  • Hi Dani, I'm sorry not to have any real advice for you, but I think the evidence speaks for itself... Your son has an excellent track record, and this so called teacher is being very unprofessional. If she had a problem with your son, she should ask for a meeting with you, not just give an offhand comment in the playground! She's obviously lying about other teachers comments to make herself seem more credible, but don't believe her. I would imagine if that's her attitude, it's HER they're discussing in the staffroom, not your son!
    It does sound like it's personal-she's peeved that you defended your son against hers...
    If it was me, on Monday I would speak to the headmaster and be calm and to the point. No speculation on her attitude or feelings towards your son, just a matter-of-fact manner to say you can't understand how he's gone from top of the class to "rude", with the change of teacher... Be calm, and polite, and the head will realise that you are in the right.
    I can appreciate how you must be feeling.... I would be livid if it was my son. It sounds like it's her, not your son that is the problem. I wonder if other parents have noticed a "change" in their child???
    Lou x
  • Thank you!
    I just think such a strong statement needs to backed up with evidence! Trying to stay calm although my hands are now swollen and feel awful!
    Thanks dani
  • Easier said than done, but try not to worry. You can't sort anything out now til Mon, and it's only Sat...
    Why is there a supply teacher? Where's the regular one?
    I agree re evidence-you have the evidence against her comment! Lol.
  • i am so sorry you are feeling this way. i would phone the school monday and say you WILL be in after school to speak with the headteacher and would like your sons regular teacher there at the time (if she/he can make it)
    Also if (and i dout it from what you have said) your son has been rude i would still put in a complaint againt the stand in teacher for professional mis conduct-they are not allowed to going around chatting about children in that manner to who ever they feel like, you should have been informed about a problem first (if there was one)
    i would be soooo angry. if there happens to be no evidence and this teacher is in the wrong, which she does sound like, then ask the headteacher where you need to write a formal complaint letter, and explain that it hads coursed an unbearable amount of upset in your household!!
    i will be thinking of you monday, pls let us know how it goes xx
  • Hi

    thank you all for your replies very much appreciated! I have been in hospital since Saturday so my mum and sister had a meeting with headmaster today. I will have a meeting with him on Wedensday, not going in tomorrow as don't want my blood pressure to go through the roof. Mum said he was a bit arrogant about it but finally started seeing our point of view and how we wanted evidence to support such statements.
    Thanks again ladies dani 36 weeks
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