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why cant my child behave?

my son goes to pre-school twice a week and has done since september and he loves it.i also take him to a parent and toddler group for kids aged 0-5 on a monday afternoon as all his pre-school friends go there too.the only problem is he has started being very hyperactive and naughty at the toddler group and he keeps getting out of control and hitting other kids (normally accidentally as hes very clumsy but sometimes he does actually mean to do it).he knows hes doing wrong and he still does it.the final straw was when he hit one of his friends with a toy frying pan today (sounds comical, it really wasnt!) and im worried he will hurt the younger babies at the group.i always come away with a headache and im 18weeks pregnant and im finding it to stressful to keep i mean by stopping him going or is he just getting too old for the group now hes getting more independent and going to pre-school?

are the any people in a similar situation?

archie 3
and 18weeks preg


  • hi - yes my son does this all the time - he is normally a really good boy and people compliment us on how lovely he is but he has been through 'stages' where he really pushes tha boundaries.
    the latest phase has been the last few weeks - he is finishing pre-school and starting school, he's been extra tired as theres lots going on but he's just getting too big for his boots. he will not do a single thing we tell him to do and is really awful to his little brother. we are at our wits end and its infuriating.
    i can't really advise. no matter what we do he just carries on. we are going to try a reward/sticker chart which will focus on rewarding him for good behaviour rather than focusing on the bad all the time.
    maybe he is getting too old for the toddler group? try stopping for a while maybe?
    sorry reply is so late!!
  • Yes my son is similar, It is a nightmare becuase I help to run the toddler group, he was so bad one week he threw a train at another little boy and hit him on the nose, then he just kept throwing things around, in the end I told him if he didnt stop then we would leave before he got his drink and biscuit at the end, he carried on so we left, it was awful, he was kicking and screaming and some of the other mums were staring, was even worse when I got out as he carried on and I had to walk up the high street with him still screaming blue murder, he has calmed down a lot since then though as I think he knows that if I say something then I mean it, he always gets a warning and now that is usually enough.
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