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my son will be 5 next month and he's never been swimming!
i can't swim and am scared of the water so i've never been able to take him, although i can get in the water, i worry that if i got splashed he would see my reaction and then think there would be something to be scared about if you see what i mean! even with being so careful not to show him my fear, he already seems quite scared of the water and hates it when my 2yr old splashes him in the bath etc! he's very shy and not very confident so, while i've thought about enrolling him in swimming lessons, i think he would just refuse to take part and it's not like i can get in the water and help him!
the boys don't see their dad anymore and the only family i have is my mum and she's too busy to even see us very often let alone take the boys anywhere!
i guess what i'm asking is, does anyone have any advice on how i can help him be more comfortable in the water and build his confidence.. but without having to go to the pool?!!! :roll:


  • hi first of all dont worry, i sense you feel pankicky and you are no where near water whilst on computer.
    have you spoken to someone at the local swimming baths? they are so helpful and will have lots of ideas i expect.
    have you thought about swimming lessons for you too? i know its scary for you, but it will help you over come your fear and then you will feel more confident in taking your sons.
    i would say only take one of your boys at a time and also talk to his school about it and find out what lessons they do to help.
    good luck with it. alot of children are scared at first but hopefully they will come to love it x
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