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need a advice

Hi there!

Looking for support, friendship and advice.

well we here at Parents United are building a forum for all those things.

So try us out we are always there.

We're fun loving girls who like too chat and have a laugh but always there for a shoulder to cry on.

We're a bunch of girls from all walks of life who want to make a great forum, where you can be yourself and not get judge! where there's no bitching and people feeling left out etc We just want to build a place we're women who are pregnant, ttc , who have children already etc can come on and find the friendship and support that is very much needed.

We welcome people from all cultures, ages, areas to this forum and have lots of fantastic quizzes, games, chat nights, Arcade, Jukebox etc

Its a fun, friendly site that doesn't tolerate cliques and gangs....we all just want a good chat and laugh! We have Buddy for the week, Bump buddys, Mum helpers, where new mums can have there very own mum helper to help them through the first couple of months of having a new baby , they are there just for you to talk too, ask for advice and become a friend and you can become a mum helper, and be there for someone. We also send our girls card when there baby is born, because we really do care.

Also all newbie get there very own buddy, to help them feel more at home, and seek help with the site.

We hope to see you on our fantastic forum soon!!!

please check us out
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