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childcare out of school hours?

what are the childcare costs like if you do 9-5 and have children in school, ie. after/before school,hoildays? what do you all do?


  • just spotted your post. It will vary from area and what time of out of school care it is but i am a childminder and i charge ??3.60 per hour, so would be ??3.60 before school and ??7.20 after school if it was from 8-9am and 3.30-5.30pm

    Gemm x
  • thanks for your reply gemma .x
  • Hi just to back up what gemma said really. im going to be child minding after 6 weeks holiday and im charging ??3.50 an hour x
  • After school child / holiday care in out of school club is very difficult here. There is a shortage of places and it doesn't go beyond age 11. It's ??7 per evening for after school and ??20 per day for holidays if you can get in.
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