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hi ladies hope you can help


  • Hi there, personally i would think that to leave a 15, 14, 9 & 11yr old alone for a time is ok. I guess I would have to be sure that one of the older ones has responsibility and could phone me if needed.

    My mum used to leave me for a short time (shopping etc) looking after my younger brother from about 13yrs.


  • I don't see a problem with the ages of the children, the issue lies with how responsible the 15 & 14 yr olds are. I looked into this a short time ago as I have a 10yr old son who thinks he can be left alone. The government website states that as long as the child is responsible then it is at the parents discretion as to whether they leave them alone or not, it also depends on the length of time they are left alone. My son now walks to and from school on his own, well with friends, where as this scared the hell out of me you have to let them grow up at some point and he is a very sensible 10 yr old. I also used to babysit for my niece from the age of 14 and never had a problem.
  • hi by law u can baby sit from the age of 12, younger if its for siblings, so i don't see an issue really, i was often baby sitting my nieces and nephews (who were babies and toddlers at the time) at age 14 and 15, gave me some extra cash. also my brotehr and sisteer are 8yrs older than me and were often left to baby sit me from 13+ when i wld've been 5...but having said that, my soon to be 15yr old niece is probably one of the most immature 15yr olds i've ever met and i wldn't allow her to baby sit ds, but then i also wldn't allow my sister or my mum so perhaps thats just cos he's my ds lol. xx
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