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Long or short hair

Hi All, I would love some advice about whether to cut my daughter's hair or not! She's five and has beautiful thick long hair down her back. It reaches her lower back and I have it trimmed every few months. I don't find it difficult to maintain and I always wanted long her as a little girl so I love it on her. She loves it too. But lately we've been getting a lot of free advice on why we should cut it...

Any opinions, advice, experience in this area?


  • My eldest daughter is nearly 10 and her hair is gorgeous and long!, it is blond and reaches all the way down her back, she does sometimes ask me to brush it for her as she cant quite reach to do the ends but she likes it and so do I. If your daughter likes her hair as it is then keep it that way and tell everyone else to mind their own business. I constantly have people telling me to cut my sons hair, he is 2 and has blond curls which are quite long but I like them and so I'm keeping them, if when he learns to talk he tells me he wants them cut then I will but no one else will influence that decision.
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