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My doctor is sending my 5 year old for tests as he so hyper, never shuts up, interpupts at school and home, in lala land most of time, he can not sit still or stand still and struggles taking turns. As I was worried and school are now concerned i thought a couple of weeks ago i would share this with my doctor and he is refered us to shrink and child behaviourable expert to see if he suffers this, omg what if he does, i mean it explains his behaviour as to be honest he isnt that naughty he is just too much, chatty, very anxious, honestly scared of anything, has bad tempers if he cant do something, struggles to play on his own, what do i do, did i do this to him, how can i help him, he is such an intelligent kid but he cant express it too well, cant read as he cant concerntrate for too long argh, its just one thing after another :cry:


  • hi hun, dot really have ne advice but didnt want to r&r. i know its easy for me 2 say but try not to worry too much, the good thing is that u have been referred so u r in the best poss hands where u will get lots of support and get ne answers to questions u may have, dont think its ur fault tho, u havnt dont ne thing wrong. good luck with the referral, let us know how u get on. xxxx
  • Hi tracy first of all dont panic!
    Its easy for me to say but honestly he will be fine.
    My son didnt get diagnosed until he was 12 (he will be 14 in march).
    My son never bounced off walls but we always knew something was wrong bless him, then when he started at big school it really came out and after a year of tears (lots) we finally got him diagnosed after he started threatening to kill himself.
    He is now on concerta and he is a changed lad he is extremely funny if he misses his meds for even an hour , which i can cope with but can quite understand why school cant cope with him due to his total lack of concentration and being in lala land.
    If you would like anymore help please ask as i do know it is seriously hard on the family

    Lorraine xxx
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