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Hello lovely ladies!!!

Im really a toddler forum goer at the mo but I thought you ladies might have some helpful tips or experience of this too....

As Eoin nears the 15 month mark I am beginning to asess the idea of baby number two! However among many thoughts and feelings one thing that niggles me is how you cope when you start getting 'big' with a toddler to chase after?? I only ask because once I hit about 35 weeks I had quite severe pelvic pain when I moved around from the strain of the bump (I have a very slim frame). the midwife suggested the support gurdle thing but it didnt help. I found moving the slightest little bit very painful. so I know it sounds silly but Im worrying about being able to cope in those later weeks...... do you find you just 'do it' and manage or have you any tips/advice??? thank you xxxxx
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