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Swollen lip..


About a month ago, my son who is 5 and a half had to be taken to hospital b'cos his top lip was swollen so badly and became about 4 times bigger than usual in the space of about 45 mins. They advised it may have been an allergic reaction or bee sting (i knew it wasn't a sting tho cos he's been with me all day!) and he had not eaten or done anything than he normally would. Anyway he took the medicine and it went down.

Now, today at bout 7pm it happened again and I dont have a clue why!!

Shall I take him doc's - are there tests they can do to check if he is allergic to anything?

any advice is appreciated.



  • I would ask for some allergy tests, definitely. Explain what has happened both times and that as far as you can tell, nothing different or unusual has passed his lips but that it's very worrying and you want some answers.

    good luck xx
  • although he has not had anything out of the ordinary perhaps a slight ingredient change in a product you are using has prompted this? or it is something that has developed? could it be somethimg in your house or garden that he has touched and then put his fingers near his mouth?perhaps keeping a note of what he has and when would help narrow down any common factors should it happen again. hopefully it won't or your dr may pinpoint for you what has happened.
    sounds like a very scary thing - hope you find out what it is!

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  • Hi Sarah

    My son suffers from anaphylaxis which is caused by an allregic reaction to peanuts and all other forms of tree nut. Although he has never gone into full anaphylactic shock on the rare occasion that he has come into contact with peanuts his lips swell. Has your son eat anything that may contain peanuts?

    You can go to the doctors for tests but they will need to know what to test for as it could be anything - dairy, nuts, animal, seseme seed, latex, plastic...the list goes on

    Hope this get sorted for you its quite a scary condition.

    Good luck


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