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Help with what's popular among infants/juniors...

Hello Ladies with older LO's.....

My local children's centre want to book me to sing at their first anniversary party and I am going to meet with the centre manager next week to discuss what I could offer.

Trouble is, I am really out of touch with what's popular for kids nowadays - when I used to do kids parties it was Britney, S Club and Steps.

I think the age range will be 5-11 and obviously there will be parents too, but I can do some Abba for them.

Can anyone tell me which bands/artists their lo's like who are in that age range, so that I can look like I know what I'm doing? The only thing I could think of was High School Musical.... LOL I feel sooo old! :roll:

Please help! (Also posted on Baby)



  • Hiya

    My 7 year old Niece is mad on HSM. So that would probably be a hit!

    For her birthday she had a CD called something like 'Pop Princesses'? so that might give you some ideas too if you look at the track list on or similar.

    Oh, and she also likes Abba!!! (Think it's 'cos of Mamma Mia!)

    Bec x
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