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am I being unreasonable?

Just a question, my four year old daughter has started waking the middle of the night and screams for me to get her a drink. This started about three weeks ago after she was recovering from a cold. The last few nights she has begun escalating to insisting even when I give her a drink that she needs something to eat. Because she shares a room with her sisters it's a bit of a domino effect as she wakes up the whole household.

Anyway tonight I told her she was being unreasonable and that I was not to be woken up every few hours to refill her cup, and I was absolutely not going to cook her anything at stupid 'oclock. (not my exact words... just venting on here as I can't in front of her). She proceeds to have a massive tantrum and I am down here on the computer wondering if I've done the right thing or if I'm being too hard on her.

Surely at the age of four you need not scream the walls down to get your mum up every couple hours unless you are sick or having a nightmare right?

Am I doing the wrong thing for telling her off? I work nights so the nights I am home I really really need my sleep and if I'm honest it's really making me feel mad so I worry maybe I'm over reacting.

Thank you



  • no I think you did the right thing. I only have a 10 month old so I'm sure I've got all this to come!:roll: I'm sure its just a phase. I wouldn't worry x
  • If you're certain there's nothing else going on with her then I think you're absolutely right - getting food at stupid o'clock is just never gonna happen!

    Maybe ask her if there's a rason she's waking up in the night, if there's anything she's worried about etc. I personally would let her take one drink of water up to bed with her (I've had this with my ds aswell!) and explain in very firm terms that this has got to last her the whole night. She's old enough to understand this.

    Perhaps reverting to the old stickers if she manages to go a whole night without waking you up would work?

    Good luck!xx
  • My son is 3 and recently started waking during the night to go to the toilet. That was fine, but then he started syaing he needed a drink. So i would get him some water. Then he started saying he was hungry!!! Er no love, i don't think so! Lack of sleep was really getting to me (12 weeks preggers too!) So me and hubby agreed he didn't need a drink, he has plenty of fluids during the day. So that night, he woke up calling me. Took him to the toilet then put him to bed. He started crying that he was hungry and thirsty so i just said no, you can a drink and brekkie in the morning. Well he flipped!!! Threw a big wobbly, but finally went back to sleep. He woke up for two more nights asking for a drink but soon realised it wasn't going to happen. I think he was just waking up and faniced a bit of company! I know it's more difficult because she's sharing a room, but maybe try a few nights and see if it works. xxx

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