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Hi all, i'm hoping to get a bit of advice about my son who will be 5 next month

On friday when he came out of school he had a Dr Who playing card which he said his friend had given him, I didn't think anything of it but that evening i walked in on him in his room with about 10 of these cards, he said his friend had given them to him but didn't have an answer to why he hadn't shown them to me earlier and why he was hiding away in his room with them but he insisted that his friend knew he had them. I didn't really know what to do so I just took the cards and said we had to give them back to his friend on monday


He and all his school friends collect these little figures called Go Go's, most of the kids in the school collect them and they play games with them at breaktime, anyway i've just gone into my son's bookbag to get his reading book out and 6 of these little figures fell out, i've never seen these ones before, they are not his. i just looked at him, completely shocked and he just said in a quiet voice "i'm sorry" so i asked whose were they and why have you got them. he said they belonged to a boy in his class but he didn't know how they got in his book bag!
Eventually i got him to tell me that he'd taken them from this other boy's tray and put them in his tray and so the teacher had then put them in his bookbag along with everything else that was in his tray.

I just don't know how to handle this, I had a bit of a shout about how you don't take things that don't belong to you and that when people do that in shops they get sent to prison etc and then i sent him to his room because i am just so angry and hurt, i thought he knew better than this?
And how do I give these things back to the kids and parents without everyone knowing my child is a thief!!! God I am so embarrassed too! He's aways been such a sweet honest little boy and always so well behaved and all that has changed since he started school


  • Hey, it is embarrasing isnt it?

    My DD(5) has been aquiring lipsalve most weeks from school.......of course i did the shouting thing and when she finally decided to tell me where they came from she said "I found them in the cloakroom and no one wants them so I keep it" hhhhmmmmm lets just say I wasnt happy especially about the GERM factor....eeeew gross!!!!

    So aparently the teacher tells them that if they find something to put it on the teachers chair...fair enough but how many actually do that??

    I was very upset with DD BUT once i told her this..." do you know what happens to people that take things that arnt theirs? A police man comes and has to put your name in a big book so they know you have been taking things that dont belong to you and so they can see if you ever do it again"
    Sounds harsh BUT she hasnt done it since....hopefully!
    I have also spoken to her teacher who wasnt much help but she would approch the whole class about taking things that dont belong to them....lets hope it works.

    In regards to your son I would make him return the items involved(it had a big effect on my dd as she had to face the teacher)
    With an appology.At 5 they are old enough to know how to say sorry properly.
    Not sure if this helps any but just wanted to let you know your not alone !!!!
    Good luck though babe.
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