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I just wanted to know what your opinions were on home educating and wondered if anyone has children they school from home? My husband's entire family were home educated, very successfully, all 6 children went on to get first class degrees from Cambridge, but my husband is absolutely against our daughters going to school and wants then privately tutored at home, I went to mainstream schooling and to be honest found it a very difficult experience so I'm not opposed, I just don't want them to be out casted. At present they have lots of little friends, and are very social so that aspect isn't a concern,



  • Why does he not want them to go to an ordinary school?
  • i would love to have my LO home schooled but i just cant afford it! i dont like the nastyness that goes with mainstream schooling BUT i didnt have a bad time and feel maybe she will get better education from a small village school, so thats what we have gone for x
  • We have moved around so much too which plays I think the biggest part of it. We have lived in five different counties in 2008, and life doesn't seem to see us staying in one place long (it's work that moves us). My dh's whole family have been home schooled for the last few generations and have all been really high achievers, they are kind of anti main stream schooling for their own reasons. I myself was moved around a lot as a child, which was fine, but I went to 27 schools before I took my a levels (not because of expulsion but because my family moved frequently due to work related contracts as well). I'd prefer to have her private tutored at home, then to pull her away from one school after another, but I hesitate as I have encountered some really cold reactions from other mums at play groups when I mention it and worry maybe that is what will hold up her making friends. She has had private tutoring thus far as I couldn't really send her to pre school in hong kong or germany. I contacted the local educational authority as I am currently in the uk, because she is quite far ahead of her peer group. They advised me she'd need a specialist program because she wouldn't fit in in a normal reception year. She's been reading since she was two, and currently reads books like charlie and the chocolate factory, and lion, the witch and the wardrobe on her own. She is really into just absorbing anything you put in front of her and for that I worry she would find mainstream schooling a little tedious. Though I suppose the thought that concerns me is while I think this is probably the best way for her, I also need to think about how that might affect my other two daughters.

    Thank you for listening


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