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starting school- with no pre school

i was just wondering to you mums of older kids 5+, did you send or not send your kids to a nursery/pre school,and find they were still ok or not ok when they started school full time. i am just wondering if they benefit from going before 4/5 or if actually they are to young and thats why they get upset? or infact do you regret not doing it as your child hated it and was terrified? just thinking out loud, getting opnions before i send my 2 year old to nursery 2x a week.


  • im not sure what type of pre school you are thinking off but if its the one at the actual school they will go to when that age. then i would highly recomend it as most of the children will go to the same school together which makes the transistion from nursary to school a lot easier as the school and children will be familar to them. mind my daughter has just turned 15 now lol and she was at the pre school 2 years before the started school. my nieces have done it this way too and it was easier for them my nephew never went to nusery and he cryed for about 2 weeks when starting school. hope my rampling helps lol
  • by pre school i mean nursery,pre school from 2 ish onwards before starting actuall school.
  • Hi,My ds1 went to preschool/nursary from the age of 6 months then attended the nursary attached to school from the age of 3, he absolutly loved it. I think it really prepared him for school, giving him confidence and good social skills, it really didnt faze him starting school at the age of 5 and he still enjoys it every day.

    My ds2 will be starting preschool at 2, i cant praise it enough, they get so much from it. image
  • hi i sent my daughter to nursery at 3 (when the government 2.5 hours a day scheme kicks in), so she had around 1.5-2yrs of nursery before school. i feel this really prepared her for school, as they are gently getting used to sitting at a table, concentrating etc, listening to a teacher etc.

    personally i wouldnt put mine in earlier than that (unless i was working, which im not).

    my son will be 3 in june and he will go to nursery after the summer holidays.

    my daughter went for 5 x 2.5hrs sessions a week, ie. monday to friday afternoons, and its fab to get them into a routine. she was upset for a few days but loved it after that.

    my son aswell, will go 5x afternoons, as is the norm here.

    i think if you are not working, then it is good for them to be at home until they are 3....but that is just my opinion and everyones opinions are differetn xx

    Laura mum to 6yr old, 2.5yr old and 41wks preg xx
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