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OMG 7 yr old from hell (some times)

hiya ..

what's happen to my lovley little girl ... the longer she is at school the worse her attitude is becoming... she like a 16 yr old already...

its mostly with me she talks to me like something she stepped in .. !! no matter what i do eventualy she sometimes says sorry taking thing of her, taking treats away dont work either..

any suggestions welcome

thanks x


  • lol if u find something that works let me know my 2 older dd do the exact same thing and thier 10 and 11,stopping treats,privaledges,early bedtimes ect nothing works so like u happy 4 any ideas n tips
  • no found anything yet any suggestions x
  • It's very testing, I know... My wife reacts to it more than I do so we,ve found that how we react can make or break a situation. Try not to react to it, kinda carry on using a kind, civil and mature approach with your daughter. It takes the wind out of their sails and the attitude starts to diffuse; hopefully to a point where you can then talk about the behaviour in a non-inflamatory way.

  • I know what you mean, my lovely 7 year old son has started to have these massive teenage strops with me and makes me feel totally rubbish but then the next minute he is all lovely again.Luckely he is the nicest boy at school and top of his class so it is just me who gets the monster. At the moment I become as angry as him when he is in a mood and it becomes a battle of wills to get him to do anything usually when we are on a time schedule such as getting to school work etc on morning.I have decided to try and use an approach my work colleague suggested which she used on her son 30 years ago and it worked. She said to ignore them rather than giving them commands as they will have no reason to argue with you, if you want them dressed get them dressed yourselves, if it is time for dinner hold their hand and take them to the table, put them to bed on a night but do not speak to them still give them cuddles and kisses but try and keep speaking to a minimum, apparantly they should realise that something is going on eventually realise that it is better to speak with you nicely rather than be ignored. She said she was told this by a friend who worked with delinquent children and it really works, she had no problems after that week she said it was hard but you have to stick to your guns. So I will start today and let you all know what happens, wish me luck!!

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