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Picky 6 year old wont eat school lunch

Hello ladies. Normally I stick to the ttc threads, but I have a dilemma I'm just not sure what to do about. Ever since my son started kindergarten in August he has refused to eat school lunch. They offer 3 different choices each day of the week and theyre different from day to day. I always make sure the night before school that they will be serving something he normally eats, pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, etc but even when they have these things he will NOT eat. He has come home many times saying hes starving bc he didnt eat lunch so dh and I just started packing his lunch everyday but all he ever wants is peanut butter and jelly. He wont eat lunch meat or even the kids lunchables from the store. Are there any other choices I can offer him to add variety? Or any other way I could maybe get him to eat at school? His only answer when I ask him why he wont eat school lunch is that its gross but then he says he hasnt even bothered to try any of the food there and its so frustrating because I feel like a hot meal is so much better than pbj everyday.


  • My 4 year old is also very fussy and only eats what he wants to eat, hes recently taken a liking to wraps and pita breads filled with cheese/lunch meat even tuna or chicken and mayo, which has also prompted him to eat tuna/chicken mayo with pasta as apposed to his usual 'bread and butter' I think because its something hes tried and liked adding it to other things will encourage him to eat more. 

    Theres lots of things to get him to try that might be new, take him to the shop with you or get him to make a list of things he might like to try. I wouldnt worry too much about him taking a packed lunch, at least you know hes eaten something instead of nothing.  Xx

  • Thank you. Ill try letting him make his own list, that may get him a little more interested in picking better foods. My grandma always tells me the story about how my uncle lived on pbj when he was a kid, but I just want him to keep an open mind to at least try school food. I will also try the pita bread for him too, I think hed like that. Thanks again image
  • You're all much kinder than me!when my son was he was getting fussier and fussier. .His food repotoire getting smaller etc and me cooking separate dinners so that he'd eat,I eventually lost the rag and oh and myself decided to hard line it..We just told him if he didn't rat his dinner he'd get nothing else at all only water! We had a couple of battles anda couple of times when he didn't eat anything and then he started eating! Obviously the going hungry wasn't worth it. .now hes 7 anf he eats most things but I had the same issue with the school lunch as in he didn't eat it so I told him I'd make the exact same. ..ham sandwich etc (we're in Ireland and they don't do hot lunches).I told him I'd ask the teacher to tell me if he wasn't eating and then there'd be no tv after homework. .guess what?-he eats his lunch now and thats that.he even loves stuff he "hated" before and he likes cooking with us now....
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