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4 year old wetting herself every evening.

Hi All,

I really am at my witts end with my daughter & I am after advice from anyone that may have had any similar issues.

My daughter has been in pants for well over a year & a half & up until the last month the only accidents she has had have been when she cant get to a toilet quick enough. Lately she has taken to saying she needs a wee, taking herself off to our downstairs toilet (as she would do normally), sitting on the floor next to the toilet & peeing herself through her clothes.

I dont think it is solely related to started school, as she she was doing it just before she went. I know it is probably attention seeking, but nothing I have done/said has stopped it. I have even taken to phoning Father Christmas to take a present out of her sack every time that she does it.

Please help, Supa x x


  • I'm sorry hun I don't have any advice but can sympathise, I'm desperate to get my 4yo dry at night but am getting nowhere. Hopefully it's just a phase xx

  • Thanks hun. Finding it especially hard this week as oh on lates, so after being at work all day, picking up dd from afterschool club, making tea etc its all a bit much. Just feel like we are going backwards. Hope you are well x x

  • Hi ladies , dd had a similair problem with her dd , would wet the bed at night n often wet her pants during the day, went to gp who just said it was 1 of those things , she put her in the special night time pants at night  , was in them for a while , she has grown out of it now , think it is when she was going through change that it was worse , hopefully when she settles at school things will settle down , but I found the more relaxed I was when my 3 yold was poohing her pants the less she did it , I know it's hard when you're stressed after a long day  , it seems worse but it's like when they have tantrums n terrible twos if there is no audience it's not so much fun n they soon stop , sorry couldn't be more help hun , hope you're keeping well x x

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