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hi i have a 12 year old daughter who loses friends very easliy as she gets into some ratty moods she had a sleep over last night took them bowling this morning she tired. but she gone right into a mood not talking and now i have an awkward situation wher i dont know what to do her friends are in garden looking very uncomfortable but my daughter wont come out of her room, she be lucky if they stay friends with her help


  • thank god they sorted their diffrences out
  • My daughter did this for a wile. I was told to make her sleep more (impossible) and to stop giving her junk food. So I cut out sweets pop and made her eat veg (lol she's a vegitarian but doesn't like veg). The change in her was incredible. I'm not saying she was perfect but the tantrums and sulks stopped.
  • thanks she does have a healthy diet she just likes her bed to much if she dont get sleep she a nightmare but when you have friends to sleep over she has to learn that you dont get much sleep as everyone excited i think she now realise that her mates might not want to sleep again if she gets grumpy lol kids eh they dont half keep us on our toes no matter how old they get
  • I had a sleep over when I was about the same age. It all went a bit wrong. With us lot it was usually something said that got out of hand & at 12 I hadn't picked great friends (some of em are nasty). Glad she's happy now. XX
  • I think they all go through this stage my daughter has just turned 14 and with all the ups and downs of hormones etc she is always falling in and out of friendships and stays mostly in her room we used to have terrible rants and raves but now I find that now she has settled into a pattern with her monthlies we sort of know which week now that she is not at her best and we tend not to get on at her as much and give some space if that makes sense! Glad she seems happy now though ... girls are most deffo the worst to bring up! image
  • That is a problem. My son has mood swings as well but his is more on getting angry all the time. Even when there is nothing to get angry about, he just does is and I just don't know why. Some told be that it's just a teen thing and that it will pass. But, I just want it to stop now because our house has become a battle field whenever he is around. I am currently looking for websites and articles to help me tackle this behavior of his because I really have no idea how. Hopefully, I'll find one fast. image

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