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Parental control on the computer

Hi all, I am new here, so first of all I want to say hi to everyone.

I would like to ask for some advices concerning a parental control software. Do you use any of them ? I think that I need to install such a software because my son is trying to find some brutal videos on the net. I was trying to explain him that it's bad, but his friends has a bad impact on him :/


  • Hey sweet. There are many programs like these in the Internet. I heard that NetNanny is the best at the moment. PCWebControl and K9 are also worth consideration. However, if you don't want to spend any extra money on it, you can try first the parental monitoring options implemented in Windows itself image

  • Hi Maria, 

    You could also try contacting your internet service provider to see what parental control options they offer, many of the big ones do. 

  • I think the best parental control is not letting children on the computers and games as a matter of course.

    My children play with good old fashioned toys and have fantastic imaginations because of it .  When they don't get computer games as a matter of course they don't just assume they'll go on them and they don't miss playing them.  Because of this they fully appreciate the rare occasion they do go on the computer.

    I'll stick to the fact that the best parental control is not letting them on the computers.  I know I'll be in the minority here.

  • I disagree, I allow my children to be on the computer every day (limited to 30 minute sessions) and they seem happy with it. I agree that you need to stimulate their imagination, but that does not mean you have to deny them access to a computer or video games. I think access to computers and gaming consoles is fine but you do need to have rules and limitations. But having parental control can be frustrating at times as some websites are blocked even when they're perfectly fine. 

    I guess it all depends on you and your children. Different approaches will work for different people image

  • I think this is good if you consult your Internet service providers or check within your OS options.

  • Hi there! I recommend parental control software Refog ( I use this program to control my children's access to the Internet and tracking their actions online.

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