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How does this sound?


I'm new here from The Mumdrum. 

I'm in two minds whether this is ok/acceptable. 

Me and DH both have disabilities, which means we can both be in a fair bit of pain, we manage everything well, apart from cleaning, we tidy up fine but the proper scrubbing, floors, deep cleaning we struggle to do it all takes about 2 hours.

We've had 2 cleaners who didn't last, mainly because they didn't clean to the level we like.

Now, we have a very mature 13 year old, who is desperate to make some money. Would it be acceptable for her to do 2 hours of cleaning a week in return for moneyinstead of getting a cleaner. Half of me thinks it's a good idea, half of me thinks she shouldn't be doing it. 

So what do you think, or what would you do?


  • I'd totally let her do it, if she's said she wants to. You'd let her earn money babysitting or something, wouldn't you? 

    We used to pay our son to mow the lawn and sort out all the recycling. That worked really while for a while - until he'd saved up enough money to buy the X-box game he was after, wasn't so desperate for money any more and gave up!

  • Thank you Yellowp for your reply, I hadn't really looked at it like that, it is the same as babysitting or something else. Haha, that's quite amusing he gave up once he got what he wanted, but fair do's those x box games aren't cheap! She's really up for it so I think we'll see how it goes image thank you!

  • Hi Pocahontas,

    same as yellowp has said. I'd definitely let her do it if she's up for it. Sounds like a great way of getting those harder things done and for her to earn a bit of money. xx

  • It's a good idea!  if your daughter is up for it then it's a great way for her to earn pocket money So a win win situation all round x 

  • Thank you MissisB and Sunny5 for responding also. I feel much better about it now, it does seem like a win win all round! 

  • All our kids have jobs to do to get pocket money, the oldest washes up the next oldest drys the little ones need to put away toys and we all follow the rules...if u spill it wipe it

    Mom only washes clothes in the big white basket( I refuse to hunt so if its not in its not washed!)

    Shoes coats and bags get put away asap

    Beds made, clothes away etc

    We have five kiddos 17,12,8,7,4 so they are all old enuf to chip in so me n oh don't get stuck being slaves as it would be an all day job to do everything for everyone by myself

    So I say go for it, it has helped ours learn that you earn money ( and it dosnt grow on trees in never ending supply) and if they don't do it there is a consequence - told off for a mess and no pocket money! They all work well with us now and it all gets done in around an hour if we all chip in! Then they get more time to do what they want to do - Xbox etc

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