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Dreading the summer holidays

 I have 3 young children and I was really stressing out about what I could do to have some ‘me’ time over the summer holidays!

I’ve decided to book some well-deserved treats this summer including a massage at the local spa which is especially geared towards tired parents.

Can’t wait for some indulgence over the summer! Anyone else doing anything similar?


  • i wish i can do that! no chance for me! hubby working late and no family to help! lucky you! enjoy!
  • My sons are going to summer camp this year. I am excited for them and it's a win-win situation since I get to have sometime for myself. This summer camp will be good for them rather than have them stay at home and get bored. They can be active during the summer and find new friends as well.

  • I dont blame you. Harry is four now so he is pretty independant but always very clingy to me, especially when under the weather or tired. I spend most of my time with him evecn though I am married, I work part time and sometimes it would be nice just to have one day and one night to be me again, I love my harry more than life itself but there are just some days you need a break! Enjoy yourself whatever you do! Summer camp sounds great fun for your kids and a nice time out for you
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