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Would you lie to the school to avoid fines for taking your children on holiday in term time?


Apparently, over half of us would lie to our child's school to avoid paying the fines for taking a child on holiday in term-time – and 1 in 5 of us already have!

What's more, two-thirds of us would be willing to ask our children to copy us and pretend to their teacher that the reason for absence was not a family holiday.  

That's according to the findings of a new survey of 2000 state-school parents, conducted for Travelzoo.

Many of the parents polled said that, particularly at the end of term when pupils seem to be winding down for the holidays, they'd consider taking their children out of school to go on holiday in order to get a cheaper break.

A mere 13 per cent said they thought families should not go on holiday in term-time, even if they cannot afford it during school-holiday dates.

But what do you think?

Would you lie to the school about term-time holiday? Would you expect your children to lie, too? And if so, what would you tell your children to say?

Do let us know by adding a reply to this thread. We'd really value your views on this.



  • Yes definitely some people can only get time off in term time and if they want to spend it having a family holiday then that's fantastic. Schools don't realise how educational family time and holidays can be and I think that they should appreciate that! They punish the wrong people anyway I know people that barely put their children into school because they cant be botherd to walk them and all they get is a threat letter and some stern words every now and again! No fines for them!! 

    Depends how old child is to what I'd tell them but I'd be completely honest with them

  • No way!

    Asking my children to lie is not acceptable... What is that teaching them!!!!

  • I would lie but I would never ask my child to lie. And so I wouldn't do it, because "kid was off sick the week before half term" "no i wasn't we went to Disney World".

  • We were upfront and honest as our son is a little sponge and didn't want him to think lying was acceptable when we tell him all the time its not. The teacher actually praised our honesty and was ok with it - mind you it was only a week. 

  • I think the annoyance at fines for taking children out of school during term time for family holidays is aimed at the wrong people. So many parents place blame with teachers and schools individually but it isn't their fault the government and local authorities have implemented this ruling!  I think you will find that so many teachers actually agree with parents about how educational holidays can be- I am a teacher in a primary school and I have two children 7 & 5 so I totally get this! Further more many parents complain about the rise in cost during school holidays...This doesn't only affect families but those who work in education too!

    I can only take holidays during school holidays which means I have to pay a premium to go on holiday with my family. We also have to plan our holidays carefully during the summer as this is my OH busiest time at work and they don't grant annual leave as willingly during this period so he had to submit a special circumstances form stating that I and our children could only go on a family holiday during this time because of government legislations and because of my work commitments. 

    With regards to lying I would if I didn't work at my children's school or in education  - it's very hard to lie to colleagues some of who are also friends but I get why some parents would and I don't blame them! There should be some kind of cap on holiday companies and how much they can charge. We are luckier as I live in a county where we break up for summer a week and a half for some other counties which means sometimes we benefit from cheaper prices...It helped us a little this summer maybe local authorities could all stagger holidays a little so that prices can't be raked up at the beginning of summer break and the like. 

  • No I would not lie, taken daughter out in reception and also doing in year 2, we are skiers and can not afford to go in Feb half term, went at Easter this year and cost an arm and leg, will take her out yearly but not when she has stats or exams image

  • Sure. I have plenty of morals, but no one has the right to tell you whether your children attend school.

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