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Are these lyrics for a school play sending completely the wrong message to kids?

Hi everyone,

A mum recently contacted us to show us these lyrics (see the pic below) for a song her 8-year-old child was sent home with, to learn for his school play. 

You’ll see it’s meant to be a humorous look at parents’ evenings. 

But the mum thought making fun of parent/teacher evening and implying that parents, teachers AND kids all think it’s a bit of a joke was maybe not the best message for kids. And she wanted to know what we thought.

So, over to you lot! Do you think this song might be a step too far, sending the wrong message to kids (and parents, come to that!). Or is it all just a bit of a laugh?

We’d love to know what you think! Please share your thoughts by adding a reply to this thread.



  • I can see that it is meant in jest but it could easily upset or offend people (some children may take things literally & think this is what really happens at parent evening...). It is the sort of jokey song I can recall singing in the years of doing GCSEs/ A levels but certainly not at primary school age group

  • I think this has gone to far. As a parent of a sensitive and anxious child, that sort of this could make him worry that parent teacher consultations isn't a positive thing. I would not be happy if this was my sons school. Xx

  • I'd worry about the kids that are struggling feeling that they're being made fun of. But actually it's the teachers singing that the kids would be better at the zoo...that makes me cringe a bit. That said, I think it's important to learn about having a sense of humour and not thinking the world revolves around you. So I'd say it's not so bad - maybe ask the teachers to mention to kids that for a laugh and isn't meant to single anyone out. 

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