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First Day of School

The uniform’s a little big, the satchel hangs down low

And I dread that in a moment I will have to let you go.

We walk slowly up the school path, your hand held tight in mine

But there’s a hint of apprehension behind your steadfast smile.

I worry where you’ll eat your lunch & if new friends will be there?

To laugh away the hours that we two used to share!

I’ll miss your constant chatter & being smothered in your kisses

I’ll miss our cheeky catnaps instead of cleaning up the dishes!

I wonder if you’ll miss me too but I hope everybody sees

The special things about you that mean the world to me!

So I squeeze your hand to make you brave & pray the tears don’t come

For there’s no need to worry…I’m all grown up now mum Xxx


  • This brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat, my middle child I'd starting next week and I am going to miss her sooooooo much image

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