Borrowing Underwear

My son 12 suffers from incontinence, we were at a friend of mines house when he had an accident. He had nothing to change into so my friends daughter who is 15 offered a pair of her underwear and pyjama bottoms, they fitted him rather well. In this situation would anyone have handled it differently?


  • In the circumstances there was little else to be done. Much better than wearing soiled clothes. Might be useful to always have a bag to hand with clean underwear and trousers in just in case you are in similar situation in future to prevent him some embarrassment. 

  • This was his first incident in a few years, do you think getting him some pull up pants would be helpful for long trips or will they make him more self conscious ?

  • Prob more self conscious tbh. My 5 yo has incidents with poo. She occasionally holds it so long that she ends up with some on her underwear. I’ve learned to always keep spare pants in my bag and outfit in the car. I also keep a pair in her school bag. 

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