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Unexplained rash

Wondering if anyone can help out with what our childs rash could be. It seemed to start with little spots which looked she had scratched herself. It is flat to touch, its not raised at all. We've been to the doctors and he seemed baffled too and said it was probably viral.image


  • If it moves around the body (so the rash moves from one place, disappears and goes to another place, that means it is viral)

    is it itchy? 

  • It' not moving around and it's not itchy. Usually going to the doctors you get answers but keep worrying about it as he didn't know. Will go back again if it doesn't go away.

  • Where is the rash? Is it hand foot and mouth? common in young children x

  • It' only on her chin as pictured and few spots by her eyes

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